Thursday, 21 September 2017

Kanab rocks

Another day closer to the race and yesterday was spent on the logistics, resting and eating.  My rucksack has been an issue right from the beginning.  Even after upgrading from a 25L to a 32L I still couldn't get all my food, equipment and clothing in so I headed to the local outdoor shop and came out with two straps that can carry my sleeping back outside the rucksack.  This will make a big difference and I think in 3 days time I can put it back in the rucksack as I will have consumed a lot of food which takes up most of the room.
I then spent a couple of hours checking every item going in the bag to make sure I had everything.  I was given a tip of repacking the freeze dried food into freezer bags.  It reduces the weight (packaging) and the bulk due to the air in the packed bags.  You keep a couple in the original bags but rather than throw them away you use them with the ones in the freezer bags in order to "cook" the food.  It made a significant difference.  So for the first time, the bag is packed.  I'll get it weighed on Friday but it's heavy and I may have to reduce my food slightly - leave out the beer!
Later on I had a lovely massage and had my muscles all stretched out - it was so relaxing.  My foot's sore from time to time but I'm just going to have to MTFU and get on with it.  However the skin on my right foot is very dry and three small cracks have appeared.  This isn't good as you always have to guard against infection and running on raw skin isn't fun.  I'm sure it will be fine but that's today's task.
One of the joys of an event like this is the people you meet.  Last night 6 of us went out for dinner; a South African, an Australian, 2 Americans and an English guy.  All from different backgrounds with different running experiences so there were no shortage of stories.  There's a nervous excitement building and tomorrow is registration when it will start getting serious.
In a few hours I am heading out for a short flight around the area of Kanab.  The rock formations around here are stunning and seeing them from the sky will be amazing.  This is a local pilot who is giving 15 minute flights for free - that tells you all you need to know about how friendly the people are and how proud they are of the history of their area.  Tonight I have an individual yoga lesson for some gently stretching.  Much to my surprise, Kanab really does rock!

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