Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Little Hollywood

What an amazing place Kanab is.  It is steeped in the history of making "Westerns" and everywhere you turn there is reference to them.  The people are so proud of their history and so friendly. We've been made so welcome here, it's a great spot to prepare for the main even which is getting very close now.
Part of the attraction of events like this is meeting new people. I met Frank on the bus from the airport and Dirk at the goodie bag pick up.  Yesterday we went a trail run into the local hills.  The scenery was amazing however we aren't in the real mountains yet.  Memories of MdS came flooding back as we sank our feet into the fine red dust.  I was the only one wearing gaiters and later on the guys were complaining that the dust had go right into their socks.  Add to that sweat and you have created a paste that will shred the skin on your feet so it was a good reminder.  I could feel the altitude when climbing but the hill walking I have been doing for the last 2 months meant I was strong.
The sign posting on the trail could have been better so we were out for longer than anticipated but this exposed me to the heat which I need to get used to and it allowed me to practice my hydration which is critical.
With the jet lag I am getting up at 5am in the morning but this is no bad thing as it won't be much later in the race.  The hotels breakfast was ok but eating off paper plates and using plastic knives isn't my idea of fun.  However from Sunday onwards I would "kill" for that breakfast as I eat mine out a plastic bag - either wheetabix or granola with macadamia nuts, raises and powdered milk!  But today I am going to the local bakery for croissants with ham and cheese and a cappuccino.
Today, other than resting, I have two main tasks; sort my rucksack and get a massage.
I'm heading off to the local climbing store to see if I can have my sleeeping bag strapped to the outside of my rucksack otherwise I don't have enough room for all my food.  Yesterday Dirk was explaining he'd a DNF in the Gobie desert with only 25 miles to go and it was because he hadn't taken enough food so that's underlined the importance of the nutrition.  We're all comparing notes on food but it just reaffirms that I have the right stuff but the bulky sleeping bag (which is manditory) is the problem.
A massage later on will get the blood flowing to my muscles which are feeling great just now but are in for a bit of a shock soon.
My Maggies fund raising has almost broken through the £4,000 barrier so thank you for your support .  Till tomorrow.

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