Friday, 22 September 2017

Almost there

Tick tock, tick tock.  It's getting closer and everyone you meet is excited and nervous about the race.  Many different strategies are being employed and fortunately for me having done a staged race before, I have a rough idea as to what is important and what is just "noise".  What is essential is that I don't waste any energy on the noise and conserve as much energy as possible during the day as we have a lot of time to do nothing.
Yesterday's flight around Kanab was special in so many ways.  The scenery from the sky was stunning especially when we flew down a narrow canyon!  My flight was the last one because the winds were picking up so it was bumpy but worth it.  I was even given the opportunity to fly the plane for 10 minutes which included lining the plane up to land - Dave Baird the pilot took control with 45 seconds left!  Dave and his wife gave up there time to allow as many runners that experience and wouldn't take a penny for it.  They just wanted you to have a good time and enjoy flying.
I met some new runners as well; 3 Japanese, 2 Frenchmen (they were MY passengers on the flight!), a Swiss professor in Business Psychology and the youngest runner in the race who is 22.  She is working with a charity to inspire your people and is full of positive energy - you can see how she will be an excellent role model.  What a mix of people with a common passion.
Before dinner I went for a private yoga session with a very laid back teacher.  After she realised how "non bendy" I was she helped me with some exercises I can use during the next week to help prevent injury or ease the strain.  Yoga definitely has to be part of my training regime going forward before I snap!  I walked away very calm and relaxed, probably an inch taller.
Dinner was with my new expanded group of friends but was slightly more subdued as we all beginning to retreat into ourselves in preparation for the organisational phase before the race starts on Sunday.  Today I have to move hotels and then register for the race. I hope I don't have to empty my rucksack and show them all the manditory items, although I will be repacking the bag for one final time as I figure out how to get the weight down without starving.
Tonight the organisers are laying on dinner for everyone so this will be the first time the 120 runners will get to meet.  It won't be a late night as we will be leaving on Saturday morning for our base camp in the Grand Canyon which is 3 hours away.  The temperature is meant to be dropping for the next two days and it was very windy yesterday but who knows what it will be like when we get there.  Tick tock - my destiny lies ahead.

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