Saturday, 23 September 2017

Talk the talk, now let's walk the walk

It's 8.30 pm on Friday night and I'm tucked up in bed.  This will be the last night where I have a descent bed to sleep in as tomorrow night I will be under canvas in the Grand Canyon worrying about the contents of my rucksack and the weather conditions for the start of the race the following morning.
Today was all about registration - making sure I didn't fail before I started.  I had to check out of one hotel and check in to another. I decided to "fly the flag" and walked from my hotel up the Main Street for breakfast in my kilt!  It took me 3 times as long as normal as all the locals wanted to either explain their Scottish heritage or just generally have a chat.  I was welcomed at the registration by the race organisers Colin & Tess and it was so nice to meet them after a lot of email and FB communication.  We've agreed that I should ware my kilt at the awards dinner along with a cowboy hat - that will be a picture for the collection!
I've met so many new people today and the one thing they all have in common is their love of adventure and based on my experience this week, this will be a real adventure.  G2G looks harder than MdS and the temperature will play a large part.  Sure it will be hot during the day but it could fall into the minus numbers at night which will present a real challenge.
My rucksack weighed in at 26Lbs!  It was described as "one of the heavier ones".  I've repacking tonight and reduced my food as the calories on some days were 3,200 which will probably be difficult to consume. But I've only got it down by 1Lb!  I'll get my shoulders taped to avoid the straps cutting in and will use my secret weapon to relieve some of the pressure of the straps - sanitary towels! Honestly I won't be the only one using this technique.
We had a beautiful meal in the park tonight but the temperature dropped quickly so we didn't hang around.  Tomorrow involves getting breakfast then heading up to the coach which will take 3 hours to our camp site in the Grand Canyon.
I've been talking about this race for 2 years and now it's time to execute the plan.  I'll keep my blog going but realistically you won't hear from me until Monday.  If you want to message me then go to and go to "race coverage" and "email a competitor".  My bib number is 252.  Let's do this!

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