Sunday, 18 June 2017

Father's Day

When out running this morning I needed something to deflect my mind from the sweat dripping in my eyes and  the occasional protest from my bruised knees - more about that later.  It was my last session of the week and second of the day.  The session was a 1hr 23 mins run following a 2.6km swim earlier.  I was tired from the long (2hr 45 min) run the day before and it was the hottest conditions I'd run in this year - good prep for the Canyon.  And then I remembered it was Fathers Day.
A day to think about your Dad and if you are lucky enough, one for your children to make a fuss over you.  My Dad passed away almost 30 years ago and would have been 103 if he was still alive today.  He had the physique of a long distance runner but his sport was tennis through which he met my Mum. I began to think, what would he have made of this "madness", as some people refer to it.  I concluded that he would have been proud of me pushing myself while raising money for a good cause - Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres.  But back then this mid-life craze of ultra multi-day running events hadn't taken off.
Now onto the knees.  Saturday was a big run, 26km at Chatelherault.  I had no company so there was plenty of "head chatter" going on.  On the first lap I caught my foot on a tree root and rather than pull a hamstring fighting gravity, I picked my spot and performed the perfect shoulder roll.  No damage done so I continued.  On the third lap I wasn't so lucky.  Down like a sack of potatoes with two grazed, bruised knees.  That kind of fallin the Canyon may have worse consequences I thought!  I dusted myself down and finished off the run but I realised that I had fallen due to being tired and not lifting my feet.  When I got home I spend the rest of the day eating and resting as I really don't want to lose any more weight. - I'll need some fat to burn off in the Caynon.
Today's run was one of those that you know is going to hurt but one that you need to get through.  They're the important sessions and while it was slower than planned, it's done.  Tomorrow is a rest day although I will be playing golf!
As for my Father's Day, 2 of our kids are on holiday but our eldest came home and we had a special lunch which made my day.  They say "the best things in life are free" and a simple lunch with loved ones made me one happy Dad.  Let's close the day thinking of our Dad and the lifetime of memories that makes us who we are.  Happy Fathers Day.

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