Sunday, 25 June 2017

Speed bumps

The last few weeks have been great for training as my stats are all going in the right direction.  Despite my bruised knees for my falls last weekend my running during the week had gone well.  I was tired and want to eat my body weight but that's just an outcome of the training.  My legs felt tired and tight so I had booked in a massage at the end of the day on Friday as I had a big weekends training coming up.
On Saturday I headed out for a three hour trail run and had prepared well for it with my hydration and  carb loading the night before.  15 minutes into the run my right hamstring tightened up so much so I stopped and stretched it off - very unusual especially my right leg.  5 minutes later I stopped again,  It was really tight and I knew that if I continued I was going to injure myself so I walked back.  Going up the hills I could feel the muscle straining.  I couldn't believe I had a problem especially with me running so well.  But in any journey like this you need to expect speed bumps.  Something to slow you down.  So running is off the agenda for a few days.
An increase in swimming looks like it's on the cards.  This morning I swam 3,300m which was 700 more than on my plan but as I wasn't running after it, the extra effort was required.  Since coming home all I've done is rest my leg, apply hot and cold and stuff my face with food.  I'll be speaking with my coach during the week and assessing this small set back - before it becomes a big set back.  As always, getting to the start line is the no. 1 priority especially when I've laid out a small fortune and haven't booked my flights or accommodation, yet!

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