Sunday, 11 June 2017

The return of my running legs

If you go back to my posts at the start of the year, I was struggling with my running.  My heart rate was through the roof, I was the heaviest I'd ever been (it's all relative) and I was getting dropped faster than a "hot jobbie" by the group when running.  That wasn't a nice time but 6 months of hard work and my running legs (and lungs) have returned.  My coach has had me running up to a max heart rate since then.  At first it meant I had to walk to get my heart rate under control rather than run.  But as time went on I've not had to walk and my pace has picked up almost to the point of where I was pre-ironman last year.
This emphasised the need for a proper plan of action.  In the 70.3 three weeks ago I backed off on the run rather than push myself as this would have led to injury and me not feeling the way I do now.  It did identify some weaknesses such as my core and my training was changed this week to address this aspect.  After the first session I had the DOMS for three days which wasn't fun but the next session wasn't so bad.
It all came together on Saturday when I ran 24km at Chatelherault with my pals.  The run was 3.25 laps and different friends joined in at different times which was great in keeping me company.  But with "fresher legs" coming on during the run I wanted to maintain a decent pace and not get dropped. I set off at the front of the group and maintained that right to the end while one of the late comers pushed hard.  My last 4 km were much quicker as I wanted to stay ahead and although my heart rate exceeded my normal training limit I knew this was doing me good and that my running legs were back - as was a big blister on my toe!
Later on that day I went out for a boozy lunch and a concert with my best friend.  We had a great night "dad dancing" to Chic - I'm sure Niall Rogers saw some new moves!  It was a late night but at the next morning at 9am I headed out for a 10km run.  The wind was strong but this helped blow the cobwebs away.  My pace was marginally slower than normal but faster than the goal that had been set.  My toe didn't enjoy the run but this was good practice for the Caynon where you have to block out the pain and if I get away with just one blister I'll be very fortunate.  This afternoon I've had a long cat nap as my body recovers from the training and the over indulgence of yesterday.
I have the next two days off training but the rest of the week is a heavy training schedule which I'm looking forward to.  When you start to feel the results of the hard work it just makes you want to do more.  There's 105 days to go and I'll need all of that time to get myself to the level of physical and mental fitness required.  Thanks to everyone who is encouraging me and pushing me on my training.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story. I believe in determination and hard work too and these are two basic components in winning. Good luck.