Sunday, 12 March 2017

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Another week closer to the "A Race" - 195 days to go.  My structured planning is going well.  What a difference it makes having a schedule to follow and be held accountable too - both very important points if you want to achieve a stretching goal.
I'm still just finding my way back to fitness but every training session has an objective and one I'll be measured against.  It works for me.  Like everyone else I'm busy and carving out time isn't always easy.  So as I sit here tonight looking at my diary for next week and then looking at my training schedule I fell like I'm spinning plates.  My coach always tries to take account of my work schedule but you've still got to do the session.  Where ever possible I do the session in the morning as when I finish a days work I'm passed my best.  But having the plan makes all the difference.
My shoulder is still injured and my Physio is working hard to get it sorted but I will attempt a swim this week to see how it feels.  My half ironman is 2 months away but I need to be patient and stick to the plan.  Nothing exciting to report but when you've got a plan that goes over 6 months, a boring week is a good week.  Many miles to crunch so buckle up for the journey.

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  1. dear, you always bring something very interesting and entertaining for us. and this post was also one of these. i really enjoyed this post. thanks for sharing.