Sunday, 5 March 2017

Doubles all round

Last week I reported that my structured training plan started on Monday, which it did.  It wasn't hectic but involved 4 runs.  I had to combine this with a week where I was away 3 days on business but managed to get the mid-week run in.  It felt good to complete the plan and all targets set were hit.
I did back to back runs at the weekend which is something that is now the norm as I build up my fitness and distance.  I returned to Chatelherault on Saturday and it wasn't long before I was off the back of the group, but I had my plan and was sticking to it.  46 minutes was the target for the lap and the previous week I'd have been over 50, but it was achievable.  A fast start led to a slower section as I regained my breath so I knew I had to press on in the second half which I did.  I dug deep and completed the run with 31 seconds to spare - tick!  What a difference from the previous week even though I was tired from having been away.
Today it was just me and my coach for a 10 k with a target set for the pace.  She pushed me really hard knowing I was running on tired legs.  In order to get better results you have to push through that point where you'd like to take a seat and recover.  It doesn't feel nice but I've been there before and know it's got to be done.  Target pace achieved over the 10 k - tick!
When I was resting this afternoon I was lucky enough to see Laura Muir win her 2nd gold medal of the weekend - the 3,000m.  A stunning performance leaving the competition for dead despite having won the 1,500m the day before - a double.  Congratulations Laura.  Her approach to training and competing is so disciplined and she pushes herself so hard.  It's inspirational.  A reminder to me as I start to build the training.  So doubles all round this weekend although we're in a different universe, but have one thing in common - we love running.

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  1. Many congratulations to Laura on her win!I hope that you will also follow her way of training and competing to win the sport next time. I wish you all the best for your running practice.