Sunday, 19 March 2017

A tailwind

After last weeks post someone mentioned to me that they were surprised by the last blog - it wasn't as "uplifting" as normal.  I explained the blog is meant to be realistic, it's a journal for me to reflect on in the future, and training has it's ups and downs.  You just have to pick yourself up and get on with it.  The Chinese saying that success is falling down seven times and getting up eight.  I like that approach.
This week was my 3rd week of structured training under the supervision of my coach.  I definitely work harder when I am held accountable for the results and having an expert lay out the weekly plan means all I have to do is follow it.  Some people like to analyse the results.  I don't bother.  I report back how I'm feeling and she makes the necessary amendments.  This definitely works for me.
Over and above the running and cycling I tried my first real swimming session since Ironman.  It was painful.  My shoulder obviously has a long way to go.  The slowest 1,000m ever, hurt.  I'm seeing the Physio on Tuesday so here's hoping we can make some progress.
I'm starting to feel the benefit of the structured training; I'm getting fitter but I've a long way to go.  The turbo session on Friday was tough and a sweat fest.  My Chatelherault run on Saturday with "yogi Mark" was bang on the target set but I did need to push myself.
Today I went out cycling on my own and headed out when there was a break in the weather.  The first half of the ride was easy despite the hills but that's because there was a tailwind.  It's the funny thing about cycling that you don't hear the wind when it's behind you, assisting you.  It's like a friend supporting you.  But turning for home the full force of the wind hit me.  As a solo cyclist I had nobody to share the wind with me.  If I'd had a partner out with me we'd have taken turns at the front while the other takes a breather.  But that wasn't an option.  The rain then started to fall.  That's when you have to "shut out" the elements, go into your bubble and focus on each revolution of the pedals.  There is nobody going to help, you just need to keep going.  It's a bit like life when you turn into a headwind.  Know what direction your are heading and why.  Then focus on what needs to be done and get on with it.
In 3 weeks time my mileage will begin to build but at the moment I'm working on getting fitter with each training session, repairing my shoulder and making sure I don't aggravate any other injuries.  Have a great week, appreciate the tailwind and if you meet a headwind - plough on through.

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  1. I got not more inspirited after reading any of the blogs as I was motivated by this blog. Actually, the basic difference, I observed in this blog was the inspiration that comes to you from your inner-most feelings and you got self-motivated and that is the best thing.