Sunday, 20 March 2016

When the going gets tough....

I felt a bit like a circus performer this week with all the juggling that went on to fit in my schedule.  It wasn't helped by travelling to Birmingham at lunchtime on Tuesday so that meant a 1 hour turbo session at 5.30 followed by a one and a half hour run.  Despite it being a tough leg session in big gears on the bike I was flying on the run. A busy day delivering a workshop to CEOs on Wednedsay mean no training so another double header (1 hour turbo and 1 hour run) and I couldn't reach my target heart rate on the bike - probably still tired from my travel which just shows the strain this has on my body.
Saturday was a big day with 106km on the bike in beautiful weather condition. Couldn't say the same for the diabolical road conditions - glad I've had my children if you get my drift.  A road rage incident early on left our "team captain" once again explaining the Highway Code to an idiot. Whilst he might have had a loud horn, when challenged ie his route was blocked so he could be educated, he went quiet!  It was a new tough route with some horrible hills and you had to be on constant watch for the potholes.  As soon as I finished the ride I was off for a 30 minute run - a brick session they call it.
For the first few minutes your legs and brain are arguing but then they settle down and get on with the job.  I was pleased how I felt through the the run and my pace was good.  The rest of the day was spent eating, eating, eating and resting.  Today was a long lonely swim on my own.
But tomorrow the level of training steps up and I really am going to need to bring my "A game". Based on the length and intensity of the sessions I will really need to manage my rest time and my food intake carefully. It's getting serious now so when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  The startline isn't too far away and there is a lot of hard work to be done.  They don't call it IRONman for nothing but as Eddie Izzard proved today in completing his 27th marathon in 27 days, you can achieve great things if you've got a good enough reason - well done Eddie.

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