Monday, 28 March 2016

The red eye

Hope you all had a great Easter.  It was nice to have a long weekend but that didn't meant extra time off.  In fact last week I had three consequitive 5.30am starts so that's the first refernce to the red eye heading.  The schedule seems to be one double training session followed by a single training session however that gets mucked up when we have to reschedule around work.
I've had some long tough swimming sessions and these haven't been helped by goggles that chose when they want to work.  Two days in a row I've swam with one eye submerged in water which gets you funny looks later as you have one red eye.  I really need to get this sorted as I can't have the same problem in the race.
I was meant to be going into the office on Easter Friday but the weather looked great which was a pain as it was a day off training.  However I was meant to be cycling for 4 hours on Saturday with a 30 minute run off the bike and the weather looked hellish.  So I made an executive decision (it's my business anyway) and selfeshly took the day off and went cycling.  While it was sunny there was a strong wind blowing and I was trying out my tri bars which I hadn't used in a few years.  They certainly helped make me more streamlined.  I met a cycling pal out in the wilderness and he kept me company for a few hours which was good.  I very nearly came off my bike as I was climbing a steep hill with gravel on a hairpin bend.  My back wheel spun three times on the gravel before it caught and there was no way I could have unclipped based on the steepness of the hill.  Just a little reminder that accidents can happen and would be a set back to my training schedule.  The run off the bike was at a good pace so feeling good on my brick training.
Saturday it pissed down so while I felt good about the decision I made I had to catch up with work, while I ate everything I could lay my hands on.  This increased training is certainly affecting my food intake as I burn off the calories.  Less than 100 days to go and some tough sessions ahead.  I can't wait.

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