Sunday, 13 March 2016

Marathon des Sables

This was a light weeks training.  It happens every four weeks and my body enjoyed the break but before you think I was putting my feet up I swan 10.8km, cycled 3 hrs 45 mins and ran 24km and that included two days business in London.  A light weeks training.  But I know over the coming weeks it's going to get tougher, next weeks schedule is already challenging.  But that's what needs to be done to get me in shape - 111 days to go.
Today I have been resting following my tough swim session and at the same time working on a presentation for a talk to students on MdS.  They are looking for the science behind it and I had to dig through my records to remember all the "stuff".  It's amazing what you can forget in 3 years and MdS 2016 is less than a month away and I can see the nervous anticipation of the participants.  I even went back to my daily blog and the memories came flooding back.  I found the emails from friends I had received in the desert and these were a lifeline for me - contact with the outside world.  Support and encouragement meant so much at the time, as it does now.
Nelson Mandela once said, "it always seems impossible, till it's done".  Bring it on!

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