Sunday, 14 June 2015

Tempting fate

After my bike ride last Sunday my foot was giving me some grief.  So it came as a complete surprise the following day when I hopped out of bed and had got to the bottom of the stairs before I realised something was different - NO FOOT PAIN!  Surely this couldn't be.  All day I walked around waiting for the inevitable but it didn't happen.  Then I had a decision to make.  Should I go out a run and test it or would that be tempting fate?  I concluded that if it was going to hurt I'd might as well find out. I ran 10 k and at no stage felt any of the usual twinges under my foot.  Sure the top of the foot grumbled occasionally but that's never going to go away so I was delighted.
The following morning was the same and at yoga it gave me no problem.  On Wednesday I played golf and towards the end it was telling me it was tired but it didn't stop me doing another 9 k  trail run on Thursday at a reasonable pace with no pain.
I took a rest day on Friday and I had scheduled a 2 day yoga course over the weekend.  However after 1 day which was mainly theory I decided to ditch the second day and get a run in today.
13 k of trail running felt great.  My coach said my "form" looked good which pleased me and made me think that this is what I should concentrate on when running shorter distances and this should help when I build the miles up.  This was my longest run in 6 months so I was delighted.  Sadly my foot wasn't when I got home with the Plantar Fasciitis giving me some discomfort so I did a lot of foot rolling and took some ibuprofen which settled things down.
Perhaps that was a warning but I'll monitor the signs over the next few days and see how it goes.  It felt so good to be running a reasonable distance again.  I didn't make the pool this week but will do my very best to get back this week.

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