Sunday, 21 June 2015

Work / life / training balance

My work schedule last week and for the week ahead was and is manic.  It's just the way it has happened and when you run your own business sometimes you just have to "make hay while the sun shines".  Obviously that's metaphorically speaking as summer is yet to start in Scotland and I'm using sun cream only to create a waterproof barrier!
The focus this week was yoga, swimming and running, but not a lot of time was available.  I hadn't been in the pool for 6 weeks and on Wednesday it showed.  I swam with a club mate and she did her best to encourage me that I was doing fine.  I died in the pool and was lucky not to have brought my breakfast up.  I forgot my nose clip so knew I'd suffer a head cold for the next 2 days - I wasn't disappointed.  I knew going back was going to be tough and had skipped the club session the night before as that would have killed me - literally.
I went for an early morning run with my coach.  Running on trails in the early morning listening to the "dawn chorus" is such a privilege.  No complaints from my foot so I am happy.
On Friday night I went for an open water swim at Loch Lomond with a work colleague.  It turned out we were the only two in the whole loch which can be a bit intimidating especially if there are boats cruising around.  However the fact there were none out and that we were the only two in the water tells you something - it was bloody cold!  It was my first OW swim of the year beyond my 5 minute dip the other month.  I thought my wetsuit would help with my lack of swimming but I struggled to get any rhythm and it made me realise that I need much more time in the pool.
Not a lot of training this week and yesterday I spent the day at Knockhill Racing Circuit with my son.  For his birthday I'd got him some track time in a single seat racing car and time in a rally car.  We had a real blast and I even got "best driver of the day" for the track with a high score according to the instructors - we both drew on 2nd place in the rally. Today was Father's Day so I spent that with the family relaxing watching the rain pour down.
Tomorrow the madness starts again and training will have to take a back seat but that's ok, I'm not employed as an athlete!  Finally congratulations to all the athlete's who completed the West Highland Way race - 95 miles with almost 15,000 ft of climbing.  If I can get my foot better and get through the draw then hopefully I will follow in their foot steps in years to come.

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