Saturday, 9 March 2013

Wind, rain & sleet

In less than 4 weeks time I will be taking part in the "toughest footrace on the planet" - the Marathon Des Sables. I have to keep repeating this as it's been a dream for the last 2 years while I have been preparing for it and now it is just around the corner. So when running with my friend on the trails of Chatelherault Country Park, I gave some thought to the contrast in conditions. It was 3 degrees, windy, rainy and by the time the end was approaching it had turned to sleet! In 4 weeks it will be 40 degrees - like stepping into a furnace, and then running in it with 10kg on my back. I'll need to spend more time in the sauna to see if I can extend the time beyond 15 minutes. I've layered up with clothing but nothing can really prepare me for what I am about to go through. So a few long runs interupted by shorter runs to keep me ticking over as MDS is just around the corner. This afternoon I am going food shopping with my wife to see if I can finally get the food I want for the desert. Watch this space.

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