Sunday, 10 March 2013

Blizzard conditions

Building on yesterdays 15 mile trail run I headed out today for another 14 miles but this would be on the roads. What I wasn't expecting was the blizzard conditions I found myself in. Fortunately I had company with ultra runner (and West Highland Way winner) Rosie Bell. The first hour was faster than I had budgeted for but we were joined by 2 other runners after an hour and things settled down. The snow however was horrendous. I just imagined it was a sandstorm and pressed on. The snow got thick on the ground so again I imagined it was snow. My rucksack did hurt my back a little so I'll be icing it this afternoon. My yoga teacher pointed out some swelling on my back on Friday so I'll need to get this checked out. This week I'll skip the rucksack and do some fast interval training instead. At this stage it's about keeping my fitness without getting injured. So an afternoon of recovery ahead (watching the footie)and I'll take tomorrow off.

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