Friday, 8 March 2013

Sweat fest

It's Friday. It's been a long week but the training goes on. At 6.15am I was on my yoga mat going through my paces with my yoga teacher Pamela Young ( She pushes me beyond what I think is possible. I'm usually a "can do" person but sometimes the yoga is scary, especially when I can't breath or I'm upside down and canto't work out what's going on. But she pushes, gently, and pushes and tries to get my brain to let go of it's thoughts and to keep breathing - when you do this amazing things happen. After an hour I was drowning in a pool of sweat which I lay in to recover. Great start to the day. Then for a full on day at the office. When I got home I needed to go for a run but I knew from this morning that I still has some swelling in my back from the previous weekend and as I was going on a big run on Saturday I should give it a rest. So I jumped on my turbo trainer - sweat fest no. 2. It's been a while and it felt like it but in such a short period of time you can get a great workout, and another pool of sweat. Now I'm relaxing. Tomorrow is another, training, day. Have a great weekend.

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