Monday, 11 March 2013

Taking precautions

Today was a day off which was just as well. 4 inches of snow fell last night so I had an unscheduled workout of clearing the driveway - certainly got my heart rate up! But today was a rest day after some tough miles at the weekend - I was feeling tired. Later on in the day I visited the doctors to get two vacanations to protect against infection from food or water. Hygene is extremely important when you have 800 people in 100 tents and the toilet facilities are minimal - you are given a bag for your "no. 2's"! Your water is rationed to 9 litres a day and if you choose to wash with it, then that's up to you. To keep the weight down I will be wearing the same clothes for the full race but will make every effort to wash the salt off them every day. You must always use hand sanitising liquid to minimise the risk so getting the injections was important. My back is ok but I will be arranging a sports massage to see how it is holding up. Hopefully it will just be muscle strain and with reduction in my training starting next week it will be fine for April. Tomorrow if the snow is still lying then my training will switch to the turbo trainer to keep up my fitness levels.

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