Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Fast hill training

I had to travel through to Edinburgh this morning so it wasn't possible to train before I went. This meant I had the dread of training when I got home when all I wanted to do was rest. As I approached home I saw the pavements still had snow on them which would make running difficult so I decided to turbo train instead. However when I got in the room my bike is in was occupied so back to running again. I really couldn't be bothered but I knew I had to go out. Gear on and out the door for a fast route around four hill climbs. I'm so glad I did it. I felt great and was running fast. Not having the rucksack on makes a difference but I kept the fast pace up for 11.4km at 4:53 min per km. Being able to run at this pace gives me an indication of my fitness and I was pleased with the result. Back home, showered and straight into a protein and carbohydrate loaded dinner - perfection. My runs for the rest of the week will be up to 10 miles and without the rucksack. I hope to get a sports massage on my back as it's still niggling a bit but am sure it will be fine. This will be the last weekend of long training runs before the tapering starts.

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