Thursday, 7 March 2013

Past the test!

It was big day today in that I needed my GP to sign off on my ECG. He was very thorough and went through 3 different methods of assessing the data. The good news is I don NOT have "athlete's heart". Part of me feels disappointed but actually it is better not to have an enlarged left ventrical. He signed off on my pulse and blood pressure so all that remains is for the medical team in the Sahara to agree. Tomorrow I will be seeing the nurse for some jabs in case I pick something up in the desert. My training was restricted to yoga in the morning but I will be repeating this tomorrow when I have my 1:1 lession with my teacher - the toughest workout of the week. I'll have a run tomorrow night before some big miles at the weekend. My wife has found some protein pasta and we're going shopping for good instant soup on Saturday. My food plan will be complete by Sunday night which is one more, important, thing off my list. It's getting closer.

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