Monday, 4 March 2013

Sunset running

I love the month of March. The crap months of Jan & Feb are out of the way, the temperature starts to register as positive and there are more hours of daylight. As my back had been sore yesterday and I rested it, I decided to leave my 10 mile run to late afternoon giving me an extra 9 hours of rest before running. I also decided to leave my rucksack off to see how I got on. It was a lovely spring late afternoon and I watched as the sun was going down while I put in a fast run. Having no rucksack meant I had the opportunity of running freely and increasing the pace. This was therefore a good, intense workout and although my pace will be much slower in the desert, it gave me the opportunity of a different type of workout. It also allowed me time to think through my food which is now becoming more urgent. I need a diet that will give me enough calories to sustain me throught the 7 day ordeal - there's no point in thinking it will be anything else. Running 232km in 7 days (225km in the first 6 days), in 40 degrees, in sand, with no showers, making your own food and some huge dunes to climb - it's not going to be a picnic! I need to expect pain and be prepared to deal with it. There will be plenty of times when I will want to give up, but that's not an option. That's where you come in. Knowing you'll be following my every step and that you've supported Maggie's with your sponsorship means I will drag myself up any dune in my way. So thank you for your interest and support. As the sun settled below the horizon tonight I was on the home straight. In just over 4 weeks time I'll be watching the sun setting in a completely different world - I can't wait.

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