Sunday, 3 March 2013

Counting calories

After yesterdays trail running my back was protesting from the pressure from my rucksack. Perhaps I had't taken enough care to make sure it was sitting properly when I started or maybe having it loaded with 7kg for the first time in a week was asking a bit much. So today I "listened to my body" and decided to rest. But that doesn't mean do nothing, I went for a sauna. Now I know you are thinking that isn't training but I only lasted 15 minutes in the heat, and it was only 80 degrees! In the next 5 weeks I will be having a lot of sauna's to get used to the intense heat as temperatures in the desert will be higher than anything I've ever experienced. I am now turning my attention to my food plan. It's changed in that I am trying to find suitable alternatives to freeze dried food which I didn't enjoy in Morocco. This afternoon I am starting a spreadsheet for my meals over the 7 days, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & hydration. I need to make sure I have a minimum of 2,000 calories per day which is manditory and will be checked. It's not something I have done before but I am sure it will be an interesting exercise. So although I am not out running, I am still working and it is the minute detail that could mean the difference between success and failure.

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