Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Head chattering

I didn't have a good nights sleep last night. A voice in my head kept chattering to me; what about your nutrition strategy for the mds, have you done enough training, you've peaked too soon! Aargh. It's common when big events are approaching to have doubts but the volume seems to have turned up recently in my head. So I needed to silence the voice and there was only one way to do that - have a good workout. At 6.15am I was on my yoga mat for a warm up. I felt a bit stiff but after 20 minutes felt the benefit of it. Then I headed out for a 10 mile run with 5kg on my rucksack. I wanted to make sure I didn't have a re-occurance of my back problem, and I didn't. The 10 miler was easy and I was pleased with the pace that I kept up. It was cold, grey and windy but I needed to get this run done so the voice in my head would say "ok you're in reasonable shape"! Then off to work for a full on day. This evening my paramedic pal Chris called round and set me up with a resting and an exercising ECG. You require this if you are to cross the start line. All readings were normal although normal on the exercising one shows I have an "athlete's heart" i.e. an enlarged left ventrical. Tomorrow at 8.30am my GP will review the results and hopefully sign it off or refer me to a cardioligist. Without this there is no MDS but it should be ok. As for the voice in my head hopefully it will be quiet tonight but I do need to get my food sorted and hope to make progress this weekend as it is vital. I could probably have done more training but you need to get a balance and make sure you don't pick up an injury - especially at this stage. So I'm relaxed, nervous, excited and can't wait to get out there so the second part of the adventure can begin (the first part was the training). Isn't it just great setting stretching goals and working towards them taking yourself into new, unchartered territory?

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