Friday, 22 March 2013

Sun Salutation A

Last night I was at a black tie awards dinner for the IOD but I behaved myself, stayed off the booze and left early but that meant getting home at 11.30pm. I had a 5.40am start this morning and an appointment with my yoga teacher on my mat at 6.15am. I didn't know what to expect today and she certainly didn't disappoint by trying something I had never done before - 108 Sun Salutation A's. The Sun Salutation A is a warm up exercise and I normally do 5! But 108 in a row - OMG sweat fest plus! It took me 1hr and 4 minutes and she had 3 heaters on in the room. At one stage a towel had to go on my mat as it was so slippy! I had decided not to wear a top and the sweat just pored off me. It's an exercise in breathing rather than a physical one although I think I am already beginning to feel muscles protesting from this mornings exertions! Pam filmed some of the workout and hopefully it will encourage steckies like me to give it a go. The benefits are incredible even if you can't fold in half - which I can't. The exercise emphasises the importance of breathing in your well being. Now in case you think I am going to be wearing Jesus sandles and a robe next, think again. But how often do you take the time out of your day to focus on your breathing. Try it now. Breath in and out through your nose. Concentrate on the breath and it won't be long before you'll notice a difference. I think we should all take time out to do this in our stressful lives. In less than 2 weeks I'll be in the Sahara Desert about to start the journey of a lifetime in the Marathon des Sables. The air will be like a furnace but I'll be practising my breathing as this, along with a strong mental approach, is what will get me through the toughest challenge of my life (so far!).

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