Saturday, 23 March 2013

Race food sorted

Winter to continues to play havoc with my training plans. Snow and a strong chilling wind meant my run on the beach was cancelled. Tomorrow I hope the overnight temperature won't create a risk of a twisted ankle due to the frozen snow. It's not ideal when I am meant to be tapering so I turned the fire on in the TV room and had a sweat fest on my turbo trainer. I need to keep the fitness level up and spinning my legs was good following yesterday's mega yoga session which had left me tired and with some protesting muscles. The heat won't do me any harm as I'll be heading into temperatures of at least 30 degrees - a bit of a step up from todays zero degrees! My freeze dried food had also arrived so I had the pleasure of testing it. Fortunately it was much better than the first batch so I spent a few hours pulling together my diet for the 6 days that require a minimum of 2,000 calories a day. I feel a lot more comfortable about this now although I need to go shopping for gels and powders next week.and rechecking So it's getting close and the planning is all important as any small detail missed could spell disaster. A lot of checking to be done!

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