Thursday, 21 March 2013

Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre

Last night was a special night as I had a wee get together of 30 friends at Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre in Glasgow. The idea was to connect people with Maggie's so that they didn't just see it as a cause I supported. It was a magical night as the architecture of the building is designed to create a wonderul atmosphere. This was added to be Mark Russell and his band who played for us, the Maggie's staff who explained what they did and 30 inspirational people who came along to listed to my journey to MdS. Thank you to everyone who came along. It had been a busy day with a 6am 10k run. Not a long run but an important one as it's keeping me ticking over, fit and more importantly injury free. Despite getting back late last night, with no dinner, I made sure I repeated the same run this morning as I have a black tie business dinner tonight and won't be able to train this evening. It will be another late night but stictly no booze as I am back on my yoga mat with Pam at 6.15am tomorrow morning. My fund raising has been slower than usual which is a sign of the economic times we are in but the online total with tax credit plus the offline donations brings my total to £3,000. That's a good start and I am hoping with 16 days to go we will be able to get this higher. If you can sponsor me then go to Thank you for all your support to date.

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