Sunday, 24 March 2013

Ice Station Zebra

It was an old film, 1968, but I remember the cold the extreme cold. I ran through the Whitlee Wind Farm (the largest in Europe) at 9.15am this morning with a bunch of mates. The snow almost came up to your knees at times and the drifting snow was forced into our faces by the almost gale force wind. As I tried to think of something nice to keep the negative thoughts out, the film Ice Station Zebra came into my mind. But that didn't warm me up. So I thought of what my surroundings will be like in 2 weeks time. The snow will be replaced by sand and -4 degrees by 40 degrees. A slight contrast. That was my last long run, although quite short at 17km, before I leave on 3rd April. So my training now reduces and I've booked a couple of sports massage. I will keep my yoga up, but not 108 Sun Salutations, to stay supple and will be eating well to get my body ready. The journey continues.

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