Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Blizzard conditions

Call me a wimp but I wasn't heading out into that blizzard this morning. My risk assessment was that if I didn't end up on my arse with a twisted ankle or pulled muscle, I'd catch a cold so I stayed in. However I had a good yoga session which got me mobile before getting on the turbo trainer for a sweat fest - I got complaints from the family because of the smell. I couldn't smell a thing! I tested out my MdS breakfast of 3 wheetabix served with grated macademia nuts and raisins. I had the luxury of milk but it will be powdered milk in the desert. It wasn't too bad although I am sure I'll be craving for solid food after a few days! I've spent tonight getting my presentation finalised for tomorrow night's talk at the Maggie's Centre at Gartnavel Hospital. I don't know how many people will turn up but it could be between 20 - 40 we'll see. They're in for a treat as not only will they learn about the essential work Maggie's does but they will hear a live band whose claim to fame is they supported Snow Patrol - how appropriate for the current weather conditions! I am going to give an insight into my journey but those of you who have followed the blog already know that. The only difference will be you won't get to see the wonderful pictures I have of the Sahara. I'm not making any predictions about tomorrows weather but the forecast isn't good. My plan B will be more yoga and smelly turbo! Till tomorrow goodnight - I'm knackered.

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