Monday, 25 March 2013

Eating an elephant

On reading the rules for the third time I realised my doctor had signed the medical certificate but not the ECG graphs. Lucky I spotted that or else it could have been a catastrophy in the desert! Fortunately he was happy to sign them so I can breath a sigh of relief. Not everyone is so lucky and a number of athletes are having to go to a specialist to get signed off. I ordered my food today so that's another major one off the list. I will start laying out my kit this week and checking it off against the manditory items just to make sure, again! Someone posted the weather forecast in Morocco and on Saturday it will be a nice 31 degrees. However an MdS vet posted we should add another 15 degrees for the desert - that is going to be extremely tough. The advice I have been given is to start slow and walk before you think you need to walk - don't think that will be a problem as my rucksack will weigh 10kg on day 1. Day 2 I suspect has some big dunes and when you consider the shock to the system from day 1 and the fatigue as you are repeating a marathon from the day before, pacing will be essential. As I go to sleep at night my last thought is about the MdS and my first thought is the same when I wake up. I've been here before with Ironman but this is different, it's a 6 day event so I need to ignore the enormity of the event and remember you eat an elephant in slices!

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