Wednesday, 13 March 2013

More of the same

Another night time training session before the light disappeared. The snow was almost gone as I climbed the hills and as the sun went down the snow on the hills seemed to stand out. It was cold but fresh. Again a fast run, even faster than yesterday, with no rucksack but I'm feeling fit. Tomorrow morning I will be on my yoga mat at 6am and then on for a sports massage. My back has a wee niggle so I expect that this will let me know whether I have a problem to be worried about or not. I'll rest after that with no more training. Friday will involve my 1:1 yoga lesson (the hardest session of the week) and another late run subject to the weather.


  1. As always, inspirational reading Derek. Not long to go now and I'm really excited for you. Hope the back feels much better and you rock up to the start line in the best condition of your life.
    4:53 min/km is great running - keep it going!!!

  2. Thanks Gav. Was really happy with the pace considering it took in 4 bloody hills and last nights was even faster at 4:49 min/km! But based on what I've heard about this years MdS it's full of bloody hills which are all sand! Keep up with your IM schedule, your loving the journey by the sounds of it which is essential.