Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Western v Eastern thinking

Long lie this morning and boy did I need it!  This is my official rest day to allow my body to recover and it gives me time to think.  In the west we are taught to work on our strengths but in the east they work on their weaknesses.  A good example of this is when I studied Karate and we were always encouraged to work on our weaknesses based on eastern thinking.  The example I always use is you may have the best punch in the world however if you have no defense i.e. a block to protect yourself you might never get the opportunity to use it.  Why am I writing this today?  Well I was reflecting on Andy Murrays result at the weekend (note I didn't say loss).  Andy's strength is his variety of shots but this is also his weakness.  Sometime keeping the strategy simple produces the best results.  Every training session, every result is one closer to your objective.  So tomorrow I will start to work again on my weaknesses knowing I'm one step closer to my objective!

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