Thursday, 6 January 2011

One Life. Live it.

One life. Live it.  This was the sign I saw on the back of a jeep today - fantastic.  Busy day driving to Manchester and back so I will have a light training session in the pool tonight as I help my son prepare for his Lifeguard award.  Unfortunatley he takes his swimming style from me but he wants to achieve this award as it will be good on his CV plus it's handy to have as he wants to work in sports development when he leaves school / college. 
Remember those days when you had the freedom to choose the direction you wanted to go in? You still can.  My motto is "want it, plan it, work it, do it".  The "it" is personal to you.  For me other than the challange of bringing up a family, having quality time with my wife and running a successful business I have a few goals for 2011/12.  The main goal is in May 2012, Lanzarote Ironman - one of the toughest in the world due to the terrain (hilly), the temparature (35 degrees) and the wind (30 mph).  This will be a good guage for my 2013 - 2014 goals which culminate in Marathon Des Sables - a 6 day, 151 mile endurance race across across the Sahara Desert - that should raise a few £s for charity!  Is it possible?  Time will tell but anything is possible if you put your mind to it.  One life. Live it.

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