Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Back to work

We always start the new year off with the best of intentions but the hard bit is keeping them going.  As I drove to the swimming at 6.30am this morning the radio adverts were all about losing weight, giving up smoking etc etc followed by the sad news that Gerry Rafferty (Baker Street) died at 63 - I think I'll stop listening to the news.  A short innings but a reminder to make the most of it - well perhaps not as much as he did!  So I put an extra effort into my 500m warm up, 15 x 100m intervals, 200m kick drill and 100m warm down.  A pint of chocolate milk and two bananas and I'm ready to start 2011 - start off the way you mean to go on, enjoy.


  1. Totally agree on the Gerry Rafferty sentiments Derek. Very saddened to learn of that last night. I've got a few of his albums and there are so many tracks aside of Baker Street/Get It Right Next Time etc that are just so good! Actually one of my favourites is Gerry Singing on Mark Knopfler's "Local Hero" sound track "The Way it Always Starts" - great vocal. As you say, we should all put as much as we "healthily" can into our time here!! Good sentiments. Once I've got rid of this cold/flu virus that is going about I'll be back on the bike.

  2. They played Get it Right Next Time this morning and I can't get it out of my head. Take it easy with the flu and look forward to seeing you back on the bike - I'm booked into the Etape in May! Looking for a Sportive in Sept / Oct if you know of any?