Sunday, 15 April 2018

Just has to be done

Another week goes by and it's been mixed.  On Monday my shoulder was too sore to swim.  On Tuesday I ate a "dodgy burger" at Stansted Airport and that wiped me out for 24 hours.  On Friday, I swam as my shoulder was fine but I was at the physio and she sorted a muscle/fascia on a rib in my back - felt like I went through 12 rounds with Mike Tyson but the treatment has worked.
On Friday night I caught up with one of my pals, Bart, from G2G who had a heroic race finishing with a badly poisoned leg and ending up in A&E in Vegas when the shooting occurred - not something he'll forget.  But it was great to share our stories of living under canvas in the Grand Canyon and the amazing people we met - a really family feel to the event.  These are the moments we all train for.  At the same time, as we were drinking beer and eating good food, my pal Bobby Wotherspoon was finishing the Marathon Des Sables having had an amazing race - can't wait to hear his stories of the sand storms and the mental challenges he will have faced.
On Saturday I was due to run 22km which would be my longest run this year.  I picked a route but got the distance wrong - it ended up being 28km.  I felt good and dialled in the target pace and finished strong, but I new I'd worked hard.
This morning was a 1.5 hour run and the question was going to be, how tired was I from yesterdays extra effort?  Having run on tarmac yesterday I decided to run at Chatelherault knowing it was going to be tough but easier underfoot.  Right from the start I could feel my legs were tired but I tried to ignore that.  I struggled in the 1st lap and was wondering if I'd manage the 2nd lap - mind games.  If I binned the 2nd lap then it would have taken the shine off the run yesterday.  In addition training with tired legs is important, but I felt grim.  Then I thought of writing my blog and having to say I'd binned a run when really this shouldn't be a problem - I'll feel a lot worse when running the Great Glen in 12 weeks time so I need to practise feeling crap!
It just had to be done - rule 5 (MTFU).  My pace dropped off but I kept going.  It's sessions like this that make the difference when preparing for a tough race.  I've a day off training tomorrow and aim to take full advantage.  I've come home, got cleaned up, fed and am now resting - a very important part of training.  I'll probably have a "cat nap" this afternoon before the footie!  You don't get to the start line of a 71 mile race without having pushed yourself at times when you felt like stopping - it just has to be done.