Sunday, 8 April 2018

Blistering pace

If you've been following my journey you may remember that until 2 months ago my training wasn't structured.  I was ticking over going out for the odd run with no real science behind it.  You'll also know I don't do science or anything technical for that matter.  But I know someone who does!
I'm sure many will be able to relate to how I felt before starting a structured training plan with my coach, Genevieve Freeman.  I wasn't committed, despite having an event to aim for, I didn't feel fit with my heart rate all over the place and was carrying a few pounds too many.  When I saw my first few weeks training it brought back memories from other events Genevieve had trained me for namely  Ironman Lanzarote and Grand 2 Grand.  I knew she'd build up the training making sure it took account of any injuries or my work schedule and the stress that can come with it.  But I also knew it would be hard work but if I stuck with the plan I'd start to see the results after 2 months.
It's not been easy and there is many a day where I have thought I'd rather have a long lie or go out for dinner, but I've stuck with it.  And after 2 months I'm feeling great.  My heart rate is under control and heading south.  I feel my core is stronger and my pace is picking up and I'm able to finish strong.  Yesterday I ran a hilly route for an hour at my fastest pace in almost two years.  However I mustn't get carried away, I've a 71 mile ultra to complete in 89 days and my longest run so far is 13 miles!  But I just wanted to "celebrate" the two month point of structured training to recognise the benefits I am enjoying having stayed the course.  If you are struggling with your training this might make you feel better knowing if you keep going the results will come through.
I also solved a shoe problem this week.  My road shoes had been discontinued and I bought a pair online that I thought were similar - rookie error!  I kept getting blisters on 2 toes on the same foot.  Within minutes of showing the assistant in Run 4 It in Glasgow he explained the issue and showed me the evidence through the wear and tear.  It turns out the new shoes that were causing the blistering had a different type of tongue which caused my big toe to overlap.   He then fitted me with the right shoes and the difference was noticeable immediately.  Worth paying the extra money for that advice - I even renewed my trail shoes which we past their best following huge mileage in the last year so they owed me nothing.
There is still a "mountain to climb" over the next 2 months and I know the mileage is going to build up but I don't know what I'd do without goals.  When I was a kid kicking a ball up and down a field I found it boring, but as soon as we put down a couple of jumpers (as goal posts) then I had something to aim for and knew when I'd achieved it.  I hope you are working towards your goals and enjoying the journey.  It isn't always smooth but the good times sure make up for the bad times.  Go smash it!