Sunday, 28 January 2018

Skin's waterproof

The weather certainly changed this week as all the snow and ice was washed away by torrential rain.  Two days in London and a visit to the physio to work on some knee pain meant there was little training during the week - I know, more excuses!
On Friday night I gave a talk to my triathlon club at the AGM on Grand 2 Grand and it was nice to relive some of the memories - it actually motivated me for the following day!
Back to back runs on Saturday and Sunday at Chatelherault have meant a good end to the week.  But the weather was shocking.  40mph winds on Saturday but by running later on in the day meant we missed the rain.  Part of the trail was flooded and when going through it I managed to stand in a hole and go over on my ankle but it was fine.  Just a reminder to be more careful when you can't see where your foot is landing.
My coach had suggested a 9am run on Sunday and the weather forecast looked horrendous.  Again 40 mph winds with heavy rain.  Lying in bed the wind was howling and the rain battered against the window.  I wasn't feeling like getting out of bed.  In the car the windscreen wipers were on double speed as I headed through some flooding on the roads.  But I had dressed for the occasion and Chatelherault does offer shelter for most of the time.  My legs were going to be tired following the previous day effort however it was a great run.  Genevieve pushed me hard at the end by saying we'd get under a target time if we worked hard for the last 3 minutes and it's a tough finish so I gave it everything and made it by 1 sec.  She knows how to get the best out of me!
We've agreed that the structured training starts a week on Monday so there will be no hiding.
Had I listened to the "chimp" telling me not to go out due to the conditions I would have missed a great training session.  Skin is waterproof and if you're wearing the correct gear then get out there - you'll feel better once it's over.

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