Sunday, 21 January 2018

Ice station zebra

What an incredible week of snow and freezing temperatures.  Work got in the way again with travel up to Aberdeen for a couple of days with the temperature falling below zero but no snow.  Coming home required my full attention as I hit the snow and the major routes began to clog up.  I was fortunate and got into my home town with 5 minutes to spare before it became grid lock with cars and trucks stuck on the icy roads.
The knock on effect of this was I didn't risk going out running as the pavements were icy and there was a high risk of injury.  I worked on my core and on Saturday had to spend time digging out the drive to get my car out - don't know why I bothered as today's snow has covered it again but it was a good workout.  I followed that with another core session and a turbo session - yes I got my leg over the bike!  I only lasted 25 minutes but I could feel the different muscles working in my legs and I was happy to get off the saddle in the end.  I followed this up with some leg work as they need to be a lot stronger for the races I am entering.  Last night temperatures got down to -7 so all the snowy pavements were now lethal.
Today I had to change my run route due to the snow.  I was picking up a friend but while travelling the weather conditions worsened and the snow was falling heavily.  So heavy I wasn't sure I'd make it home so we ran in another location.  I was wearing trails shoes but a lot of the run was on tarmac.  As it was 2 or 3 inches thick with snow, the shoes were fine.  Snow running is similar but not identical to running in sand.  It takes a wee bit more out of your legs.  Hopefully we are over the worst of the weather as I need more regular running and will start building the miles.

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