Sunday, 13 August 2017

Spend spend spend!

41 days till I line up at the startline in the Grand Cayon but in 35 days time I get on the plane!  Therefore I have to have all my gear and food purchased and tested.  Yes tested.  I can't turn up without having tested my equipment.  So a few major purchases were made during the week.  A sleeping bag that can take minus temperatures (I'll be sleeping at altitude), a down jacket and a set of graphite foldaway poles.  The poles failed on their first outing and will be going back to the shop tomorrow - very disappointed as they are so light.  Minimising the weigh of everything is essential and every item I am carrying is on a spreadsheet and will be weighed.
This was a busy week and I would normally have a day off on Monday but it was switched to Thursday as I would be in London that day.  Therefore it was an extended weeks training and while I felt tired, I managed two walk runs without any issues and then a 90 minute run at Chatelherault- I loved it!
On Saturday I climbed The Cobbler 884m, Beinn Narnian 926m and Beinn Ime 1,011m.  My friend Graham Harvey had sent me a map with instructions and I headed off on my own (I can get lost in a car park).  The Cobbler was a bit scary as it was windy and clouds were covering part of the summit.  I don't know if this helped me manage a very narrow ledge as I couldn't see the drop but at the very top I couldn't stand up.  Beinn Narnian had amazing views but I came off the summit at the wrong point and had to scramble up and down rocks to make my way round to the path - eventually got there.  The last summit had incredible views but my foot was protesting on the way down with the terrain.
When I got off the mountain I decided to run down the path to the car and I managed that without too much pain.  I feel as though I am actually training my head to cope with the pain which I know will be the case in the Canyon as it was in MdS.  In total I was out for 5 hours and when I got back I headed out for a meal and then the Edinburgh Tattoo - got back at 2am - a long day which had started 21 hours earlier.
Today was swimming and for a change it was an evening session.  I'm feeling great and tomorrow is a day off training although I'll be at the chiropractor followed by the physio the following day.
I have 4 days of hill walking / running coming up so I hope I have more exciting tales to tell you next week.  These injuries have meant my training schedule has required to be adapted and I think it's working in my favour.  Back to spending more money this week as I buy the last of the items I need and then to decide on the food I'm going to be carrying with me.  This approach underlines my mantra of the 7Ps; piss poor preparation precipitates piss poor performance!  Once I step on that plane I will need to have everything with me to succeed and it will need to have been tested. So preparation is essential and it's not just about running.

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