Sunday, 6 August 2017

Munro bagging

Another week with no running and further treatment for the hip/hammy problem.  Pleased to report that the hip & hammy are brand new thanks to the amazing chiropractor Gill Fraser (Strathkelvin Chiropractic Clinic).  However my coach wanted to work my legs so a long walk was planned for Friday, hill walking on Saturday & Sunday.  This is ideal training as there will be hill walking in the Grand Canyon and you need to practice power walking as it puts different pressure on your feet.
On Saturday I went out with experience climber Alan Stirling, another Ironman.  We tackled 3 Munro's (mountains over 3,000 feet).  Beinn Ghlas is 1,103 metres and I'm sure it would have been a nice view but it was in the clouds.  We headed onto Ben Lawyers at 968m and guest what, it was in the clouds.  We then pressed onto An Stuc at 1,118m and the clouds dispersed and we got our reward.  We also watched in amazement as shepherds were rounding up their herd of sheep with their border collies - whistling and shouting instructions to the dogs.  It is so removed from life 1,000m below and I could have stayed there for a few hours.  But this was a work out and I had to press on.  In addition rain was forecast so we headed back down and I was able to run (carefully and slowly) the bottom half of the mountain.  The rain arrived so the last 30 minutes were very wet.  It took us 4 hours in total so this was a good work out for me.
Today my target was 3 hours of hill walking so I headed to another "Munro" Ben Lomond (again).  The weather forecast was for rain at lunchtime so I made sure I got their early, only to be met by torrential rain - what happen to Summer in Scotland?  It didn't last long and the climb was in humid conditions which had the sweat poring off me (I lost 2 pounds on this climb).  But the higher I went the more the clouds came in and the wind picked up.  So for the fifth time in a row, I haven't had the reward of a clear view from this summit.  The descent was sore on my foot but hopefully tomorrow I'll get my leg taped and this will help the stability.
I'm planning a 4 day trip into the Glencoe mountain range to increase the time to 6-8 hours a day as this will be good preparation for the Canyon.  I can't replicate the heat or the altitude but I can get my legs used to being punished every day.  I'll also be "braking the bank" when I buy the equipment I need for the event.  I've now got a much better idea as to what I'll be taking and I'll soon be testing the expedition food.  Sadly the company that supplied my food for MdS went out of business which was a shame as it was tasty and food is critical when you're burning carlories at the rate I will be.  It really is beginning to get exciting as I get close to my departure for the Canyon but there is a lot of hard work to be done between now and then.

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  1. Wow, great start to your athletic. I just got so impressed with your work and with your great journey. Great Job man and many good wishes to you too.