Sunday, 16 April 2017

Hairy or shaved legs?

I'll get back to the title of the blog in a minute but I'm happy with how this week has gone having returned from two week holiday.  I'm so pleased I kept up some training on holiday or it might have been an even tougher week.  A combination of the time difference meant most mornings I was awake by 5am, and when building in five full days of work plus 6 days training, it's fair to say it was a tough week.
My physio taped back my shoulder again after another painful massage session but my two swim sessions went well and getting my weight under control means I should be able to squeeze into my wetsuit in May!
On Wednesday I did my first double run session.  10km in the morning and 6 km in the evening - this means less strain on my foot which I am trying to protect.  I was tired when I did the 10km and my heart rate was higher than the target which gave an indication of my fitness/fatigue level.  So when I got home from work I had to drag myself out the door for another run.  And as happens on these occasions, I had my best run this year!  Work that one out.  I was flying and my heart rate was under the target until the last 0.5km when I was really pushing it.  But I felt great.
On Saturday I went out with my pals in ATHelite Tri Club.  I haven't cycled with them since before Ironman last summer.  With changeable weather the big decision was what to wear as you don't want to be too hot or too cold.  I chose 3/4 length cycling tights and as soon as turned up the focus was on my hairy legs.  "Get those shaved" I was instructed.  "They're disgusting" said another.  Cyclists really are a funny bunch.  The guys get their legs waxed or shaved believing it either makes them faster or helps if you come off your bike and get a gravel rash.  I agree with the latter point but I think it's more about vanity.  I've shaved my legs twice before and the only advantage is that it makes a sports massage more pleasant.  But my wife then refers to me as "chicken legs" - you can't win.  I did 65km on a hilly course and know I need many more of these rides before my 70.3 ironman.  It was good to be with the guys as they are supportive during the ride and wait for anyone who drops off in the climbs.  I'll get fitter and there will be less waiting for me in the future but there's a lot of hard miles before then.  So another week closer to the main event and lets see what this week brings.  I don't think it will be shaved legs though!

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  1. That is funny question hairy or shaved legs, I personally feel that men should have hairy legs that makes them different from women.