Sunday, 9 April 2017

42 days and counting

The holiday is over.  After a week in the Maldives in paradice we then flew onto Dubai to meet the children for another 6 days of fun in the sun.  We had a fantastic time enjoying the best Dubai had to offer.  I was really looking forward to my first ever free fall skydive with my two boys but the wind was too strong and it was cancelled.  This was a big thing for me as I was scared of going out the plane - but I wanted to face my fear. Having flown hang gliders and paragliders years ago I was comfortable once out the door, but that intial exit was going to test my mental strength.  I spent the holiday preparing mentally for it and was really up for the challenge when the news came through.
Another of my challenges with being on holiday was to keep the training ticking over, while enjoying a family holiday, and not putting on any weight.  I'm glad to report that I was the same weight this morning as when I left despite all the good food and wine I consumed.
I ran three 11 km early morning runs which were tough in the heat and the humidity.  But it was a great start to the day.  The heat built during the run and the sweat stung my eyes as I ran along the boardwalk on the Palm.  I needed to carry water with me as I recon I'd have been in trouble if I'd gone out without water.  It was good practice for the Grand Caynon although the canyon will be warmer and 11 km isn't even a warm up!
My first event of the year is rapidly approaching - 42 days to be exact.  The Swashbuckler 70.3 in the New Forrest.  I entered the event last year and it was my fastest 70.3 to date.  This years there are 7 of us going down so it will be good to be there with club mates competing.  For me it's just a training day.  The purpose of this event, and another 70.3 6 weeks later, is just to give me something to cross train for (swim/bike/run).  The cross training keeps me fit without putting too much strain on my running.  My foot's been a bit niggly so I need to be careful and not overload it before the canyon.  My shoulder is getting better so I'll be returning to swimming this week - I did a bit on holiday.
This morning I went out for a couple of hours on the bike.  The weather was good for Scotland but a lot cooler than I've been used to recently.  It was good to be back on my summer bike.  I'll get my training schedule through from my coach later today.  I know it's about to get tougher and I'm looking forward to it.  I'm feeling rested from my holiday and now my focus will sharpen with an event around the corner.


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