Sunday, 15 January 2017

It's over!

It's over.  Don't try and persuade me otherwise.  I've had enough.  My last official "blow out" was on Friday 13th at my nieces wedding (which was amazing!) so yesterday was a recovery day on the couch and today a recovery run.  But all this socialising has to stop.  It can't go on or else I'll pile the weight on, become more sluggish, despondent, demotivated, increase my chances of serious illness and not be at my best for my family ot work.  So it's definitely over.
I have goals I want to achieve in my two 70.3 Ironman events which should get my fitness to a decent level without injury.  Once the second one is over then the running mileage will really step up as will the hill walking, hill climbing and mountain running.  So with such exciting goals lined up getting back to a healthy lifestyle should be easy.
I do have some holidays lined up but I will adapt the training while I am away.  Training when not working is such a privilege and you notice the difference, you're not so tired.
Today's run at Chatelherault was a solo effort but I did meet various friends on route.  My pace was reasonable taking account of my lack of regular running and it should just get better from here.  A lot of hard work ahead but it will be worth it.  I hope if you made a new year resolution that you are sticking to it?  If not get your running shoes on and get out there.  Life if for living not sitting on your arse!

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