Monday, 23 January 2017

It's never straight forward!

I started blogging while preparing for an Olympic Triathlon back in 2009.  Back then I thought that distance, due to the 1 mile open water swim, was almost impossible.  The purpose of the blog was to act as a journal for me so I could look back on the highs and lows of the journey.  I never imagined that 8 years later I'd still be writing it and loads of people read it every week!  It helps to know that others are following my journey, especially as there have been some amazing adventures along the way and probably the biggest challenge is happening in 245 days time -

But like life itself, it's never straight forward.  Having declared last week that my "partying" was over I have immediately come down with a stinking chest infection which is doing the round - maybe the alcohol had kept it away?  It's completely floored me with 3 days off work last week, a weekend in bed and I don't think I'll be heading into the office tomorrow.  So the intended training is completely out of the window.

I'm not letting it "get to me" as I know that training with a chest infection is a no no.  I'll have to start building my training up slowly and better to get to the start line not fully trained rather than injured or dead!  Multi-stage races are obviously very physical and the Canyon is no different as it will involve running at altitude, high temperatures, climbing and steep descents.  One badly placed foot in 170 miles could lead to the end of the adventure.  However it's what goes on between my ears that will determine my success and that is something I can practise while coughing up green balls of gunk!

To help my mind I have skimmed back through my blog to some stand out events such as been told in my early days by an arrogant swim coach that I "wasn't" trying" - I think he learned something that day!  Then there was my 108 Sun Salutations as I prepared for the Sahara Desert - that was probably the toughest training session ever.  Running The Great Glen, 79 miles over 2days in January 2013 taught me how to handle the "long stage" of the MdS 52 miles despite almost getting hypothermia at the end.  Going through the blog while I'm feeling like shit has actually been encouraging because life isn't straight forward.  I love the Chinese saying that success is falling down 7 times and getting up 8. Here's to getting back up.

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