Sunday, 19 June 2016

Marginal gains

Today is a day for reflection as it's Father's Day.  I was spoiled by the kids and had a wonderful day but before the festivities I was out on the bike for a couple of hours at 7am, and in the pool at 9.30 And I had time to remember my dad who passed in 1990 and I wondered what he'd have made of this madness called Ironman?  He probably would have been proud but thought I was nuts which sums up what my kids think.
This time in 2 weeks I hopefully will have completed Ironman Frankfurt and be enjoying a well earned beer and a steak.  I'll have a broad grin on my face as this is my last Ironman.  After 9 months of training totalling over 2,400 hours, I will get my life back again.  But until then I still have work to do.
At this stage it's all about marginal gains. Improving my speed on every training session will make a difference over the swim, bike and run.  So shorter but intense sessions are the order of the day and I can see the improvement.  I'm also entering the final preparation stage. Testing all my gear, having the bike serviced, arranging for my bike to get to Frankfurt and the all important insurance.  Race strategy will be discussed with my coach along with my race nutrition. Nothing will be left to chance.
The excitement is building as is the wind up amongst my 7 fellow team mates which will add some "spice" on the day.
And finally. Now that I know I will make the start line I have launched my fund raising for Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres. Supporting Maggie's has helped me get out of bed when it's 5.30am on a dark snowy winters morning to run.  It's an amazing charity and if you know anyone with cancer please encourage them to go along for practical and emotional support.  I'd be so greatful if you could donate. My page is .  Thanks for your support.

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