Monday, 27 June 2016

Getting to the start line

I can almost taste the start line.  The final preparations are being made.  Today my bike, and 7 others, we picked up from my house and are on their way to Frankfurt where we will be reunited on Friday.  I was reading through some old blogs when I first signed up for Frankfurt and at the time I said it will be here before I know it - and it is.  When my pals were dropping off their bikes most were saying that for various reasons they hadn't done as much training as they needed to have done.  This is a normal feeling as the doubts creep in.  Controlling your thoughts is key otherwise you waste a lot of nervous energy on these thoughts.
I checked with the hotel to make sure we could get breakfast at 4am on race day and that I'd have access to a microwave to make my porridge.  The "breakfast of champions" is my staple diet and is essential to make sure I am fuelled for my swim.  I don't want to risk any other breakfast as keeping your stomach happy can make or break your race.
Tonight I went for my first run in 5 weeks.  It was 3km!  My hamstring felt good but who knows how it will be after 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike.  My thinking is it will be warmed up and ready to have the run of a lifetime - I have goals I want to achieve as this is my last full Ironman.
The journey has been amazing and last week when I knew I was going to make the start line I put up my just giving page for Maggie's - so far we've raised £2,345! Unbelievable.  I'm aiming for £5,000 so if you have any spare cash then your support would be appreciated.
I've only a few training sessions left before the race and I must remain focused on the task.  The logistics in packing is hard enough never mind everything in the run up to make sure I am standing at the start line in the best possible physical and mental condition.  This is the nearest I'll ever get to being a professional athlete which is what makes it so exciting.  Being inside "the ropes" while being cheered on by tens of thousands of spectators will be really special.  Over 3,000 competitors will all have there own story as to how they reached the start line and more importantly why.  Thank you for following my journey and supporting me along the way.  I'll post a pre-race blog before the race and then follow up the race with a blog on the Monday.  Bring on 3rd July.

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