Sunday, 24 January 2016

Back on the road!

Have you missed my chat? Apologies for missing last week but I was on a long stag weekend! I know, I'm too old for that stuff but it was my nephews stag and both my sons were going so I had to "do my bit". We had a great weekend but it meant the week before was a heavy training schedule as was the week after.
If I needed any proof that alcohol wasn't good for you it came on Monday when my turbo results weren't good. I was tired and my heart rate was higher than normal. The following day I died in the pool. But the results for the rest of the week got better and better. On Friday I had a great turbo session and a strong 10k run. On Saturday I was out on the road with the boys on the bike as there was a weather window. 2hrs 45 mins and my stats looked great. The turbo training really is making me fitter and it's showing - still a lot of work to go.
Today, after a few glasses of wine at a 70th party the night before, I swam 3,200 metres a bit slowly. It wasn't helped by my leaking goggles and the need to constantly adjust them. I got home and fuelled up as I then headed out for a 1hr 50 min run in preparation for a half marathon next month.  This was tough after a long week but it was as much about the mental training than the physical. I ground it out and it looks like I am set for a reasonable half marathon if the training goes to plan.
As always there are scheduling problems and it seems that since mid December I've had a social life! It doesn't mix with the training but you've got to live as well as train.  This week will be a lighter weeks training as I'm away for a few days at a wedding - more socialising! But the constant reviews of my stats and my programme mean that with 22 weeks to go, good progress has been made.  Just need to keep healthy and injury free. Till next week - cheers.


  1. Feared that lack of chat meant injury! Glad to hear training is progressing well. Even some socialising.
    N & E

  2. Thanks Nick. I'm glad to be over a month of social activities and can now focus on training (and work!).