Sunday, 6 September 2015


Sorry for the silence.  My blog a few weeks ago disappeared even though I'm sure I'd written it.  In summary it would have said two great bike rides.  A long one on the Saturday and then out to start some hill rep training on the Sunday.  In the 7 years I've been cycling hills have always been my weakness.  I arrive at the bottom with the bunch and it's like someone has cut an elastic band and they disappear up the hill while I grind it out.  So my hill climbing needs lots of work over the winter.
The following weekend I was away for my wife's birthday on a 3 day cruise with the family.  Normally I'd be concerned about putting on weight which has happened in my previous two cruises.  However this one seemed to be sponsored by weight watchers and I came off the boat the same weight I went on - straight home for a decent feed!  Despite the shortage of food we had a great time and my exercise amounted to absolute zero!  It was family time and we celebrated big style.
Back to work on Wednesday and with Thursday being "Cycle to work day" I headed off for the 26 mile return journey.  If I did that 3 times a week that would be great training but the logistics of getting my clothes and laptop to the office doesn't always work.  In addition winter isn't far away.
On Saturday I headed out for a 50 mile bike ride on Saturday with 4 others from the club.  The big decision was what to wear and I was the only one in winter gear.  That was fine at the start as it was cold but the sun shone and the heat built up so I was a sweaty mess by the end!  We're all at different stages in our training cycle with 2 in the last 4 weeks before Ironman so I knew it wasn't going to be easy.  As usual I paid for it on the hills and kept telling myself that in 8 months time I'd be performing better.  I also reminded myself that Ironman was 4 disciplines; swimming, cycling, running and transition between the disciplines where a lot of time can be gained or lost.  Running is my strength so on race day if I get left behind by the swimmers and the cyclists I know I can catch up on the run.
My legs were tired when I woke up this morning so I decided to test my foot and go a run.  It must be 6 weeks since I've run and I wanted to know how it would feel.  I managed 5km at a good pace and it was only when I stopped to talk to a friend did I notice any discomfort.  Once I started running again it was fine.  I'm getting some aches from the foot now so I'll leave it a day before trying the same again.  It was great to be back running but I am going to have to be patient.

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