Sunday, 17 March 2013

Winter wonderland

It's a busy day today which meant an early morning run. I headed out at 7am into a winter wonderland. Not a sole in sight. The crunch every time my foot landed was reasuring as I was worried about ice. It was as much a mental exercise as anything. Running on your own in freezing conditions when you'd rather be having a long lie is the type of sacrifice you have to make on a regular basis if you want to succeed in the Marathon des Sables. I ran 16 miles at a reasonable pace aad it felt good. This is my last long run and that was another important factor especially as I missed my run yesterday. So now my taperring starts. My mileage will reduce as I let my body repaid and I'll have to get the niggle in my back checked out. I still haven't finalised my food for the race although am having a few different types delivered next week. These final preparations can make the difference between success and failure so it will have my full attention. I am speaking at Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre at Gartnavel Hospital on Wednesday evening this week starting at 7pm. I would love it if you could join me and a whol load of supporters, friends and family as we raise awareness of the amazing work Maggie's does and hopefully some money along the way. Now off to the footie with Ali - busy day.

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