Friday, 4 February 2011

If it sounds too good to be true.... usually is.  The swim warm up was cut to 300m this morning.  Great I thought.  WRONG.  We then did 3 x 1,000m.  Sounds worse than it was as it lets you get into a rhythm but it was still a challenge mentally.  Lots of stretching required with the shoulders as they were starting to protest as I tried to put my jacket on.  Watch out for my blog next Wednesday as there is a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming up!


  1. good going - guess you couldn't get any wetter in the pool or outside! i have another excuse for missing another good session. not looking good unless i get my finger out!! and can't wait now until Wednesday.

  2. Hope you can make Monday or Friday at Tollcross. Wednesday is Hamilton College. Come on Stoo - get back in the pool with ATHelite it really motivates you to push it.